Holy Shit!

I just remembered…it’s Thursday…and I have a blog. That can only mean one thing! It’s classic Thursday! Enjoy this flashback.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Man allegedly attacks wife with scissors, rock


She must have forgotten her sheet of paper.  Obviously, had they been following the rules, she would probably be OK.  The paper would have covered the rock.  Then again, maybe he had been running with the scissors?! Yeah, yeah, that’s it…

Oh happy day

hurrayToday is the day we as Americans choose the lesser of two evils and put a new lying sack of shit in the White House for 4 more years.  We will finally have our mailboxes, TV’s, and phones free of all the political propaganda.  

I have a proposal I’d like to make.  How about the Republican and Democratic parties be required to put aside a percentage of the monies raised for their candidates for an Independent candidate?  That way a REAL third party candidate actually has a chance before Hell freezes over!  Three lying bastards are always better than two right?

Professional Bullshitters

I’m sitting here watching the Phillies parade and have confirmed that newscasters are some of the biggest bullshitters on the planet.  It’s been one hour now, and they are continuing to talk about NOTHING and repeating the same shit over and over in different ways.  A dumbass quote I just heard: “If God were here, he would be wearing a Phillies jersey right now.” OMG, kill me now!

Turn the damn newscasters off and let the viewers hear the Phans!

Classic Thursday III

Man, & we thought this shit was cool when we were kids.

It’sssss Classic Thursday!

The Bloody Wankers!

Last week, you may or may not have seen the faux pas made by Def Leppard.  The bloody wankers created a lot of Hysteria by placing THE Stanley Cup on the pedestal Upside Down!
For that my friends you’ve earned the dumbass of the week award here at Causticity’s Place.